New Elekta Parts20 Oct 2020

At AEP we continuously are trying to source parts to lower the cost of your linear accelerator maintenance. We are happy to introduce 4 new parts used in Elekta linear accelerators;

Cathode Filament Carrier Assembly

Elekta Part: # 1007897
AEP Part: # 5240.0024

Cathode Filament Carrier Assembly3

Ferrite Ceramic for DS-30-DD-SEM Magnet Assembly

AEP Part: # 5240.0011

Ferrite Ceramic for DS-30-DD-SEM magnet assembly

 Welding Hose Red

Elekta Part: # 2801006000
AEP Part: # 5240.0025

Welding hose red

35 L/S SEM Ion Pump / Magnets Agilent

Elekta Part: # 6190575
AEP Part: # 5240.0031

35 L-S SEM Ion Pump, Magnets Agilent

They are now available from stock.  If you would like to have more information or would like to receive a quotation;  do not hesitate to contact us.