Bolusil®20 Jul 2017

AEP Linac has the pleasure to inform you about our latest addition to our productportfolio, Bolusil®, bolus for radiotherapy.

Bolusil® is a silicone bolus.
It is made from a material (elastomer) that is very similar to tissue.
The density of the material is 1.05. It is placed on the region that will be irridiated. It corrects surface irregularities and gives a structure to the deep dispatch of a radiation dose.

Bolusil® is placed between the skin and the source of radiation.


  • Flexible
  • Transparant
  • Easy to cut
  • Sterilisable (by autoclave, ethylene oxide or irradiation)
  • It does not contain latex

Interested in our Bolusil® products?
Please check all different sizes and information about tailor-made Bolusil® products here.

With best regards,

The AEP Linac Team