Ensuring the indispensable precision and accuracy of the inherently intricate stereotactic treatment process is paramount.

succeSRS emerges as a formidable tool, elevating the standard of intracranial and body stereotactic radiotherapy through its comprehensive remote dosimetry audit services.

Conducted with the advanced RTsafe Prime and SBRT phantoms for intracranial and body stereotactic radiotherapy applications respectively, these audit services employ tailored inserts accommodating Gafchromic EBT3 or EBT-XD film, OSL, and polymer gel dosimeters. Dosimeters’ calibration at the Greek Atomic Energy Commission’s Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory ensures traceability to BIPM-France, assuring the required dosimetric accuracy.

Facilitate best practices and ensure the excellence of SRS and SBRT treatments by seamlessly integrating a dedicated credentialing program into your radiation oncology Quality Management System. Transform your clinic’s SRS and SBRT programs with state-of-the-art technology, unlocking the full potential of the treatment delivery platforms through informed, data-driven decision-making.

This unique solution not only promotes quality but also propels your clinic to the forefront of cutting-edge radiotherapy advancements.

How it works​


A comprehensive dosimetry report based on AAPM Task Group report No. 218 recommendations regarding the tolerance and action limits for advanced techniques measurement-based verification QA. Results include comparisons between measurements and Treatment Planning System (TPS) calculations in terms of:

Statistical analysis/comparisons with other institutions at local, national and international level.