The Klarity Breastboard comes as a complete system and includes two arms cups, two wrist cups, two hand posts, a removable head cup, adjustable bottom-stopper, and a KneeFix foam leg cushion.

The Klarity Breastboard is made of strong, lightweight carbon fiber, and is CT compatible. Fiducial markers allow for easy tracking of the spine in relation to the board. The Klarity Breastboard can also be used with the Klarity Channel Board for additional support. 142.7cm (Length) x 41.1cm (Width). Maximum Height is 58.2cm at 25°. Item Number:  R611-5SDCF.

  • Superior carbon fiber composition
  • Light weight and durable
  • Minimal attenuation
  • Adjustable arm supports
  • Engineered for quick setup
  • CT compatible

The Klarity Breastboard Includes 

  • R610-PU: KneeFix Foam Cushion
  • R611-5SDCF: Klarity Breastboard with Four Arm Supports