SmartPhantom CT

Adjustment and calibration automatic calibration device.

The virtual simulation systems from HIT 1 to HIT 6 integrate a device of automatic adjustment for the lasers called “SmartPhantom CT“.

No manual adjustment is needed: real ISO automatic calibration.
This device, placed on the scanner table and positioned at the isocenter of the laser can, due to its many integrated sensors, evaluate and analyze the convergence of the laser beams.

The Software that controls the lasers makes them flash 10000 times per second. Thanks to this modulation, the optical cells can distinguish the lasers from all other light sources in the room.

Once the signal acquisition sequence has been launched the SmartPhantom CT can provide the exact coordinates of the laser beams, through the Tablet PC.

Therefore these will automatically be adjusted to an accuracy of +/– 0.1mm.

This adjustment session lasts about 10 minutes.

SmartPhantom CT-