The High-End Solution for Real Time Patient Tracking.


The Catalyst™ system consists of a next generation optical surface scanning and re-projection hardware device coupled with a highly optimized application software designed for work-flow integration.

Installation requires only one hardware unit in the treatment room. The unit is mounted to the ceiling at the foot end of the couch where it has an unobstructed view of the patient independently of any motion of the gantry or its on-board imagers. To ensure a flexible installation and virtually eliminate the risk of interference from other equipment, the scanner unit is connected to the Catalyst™ workstation in the control area using a fiber optic link.

Radiation therapy is a complex process, where many pieces of equipment, in many cases from different vendors, need to work together during the different steps of the treatment chain. The Catalyst™ provides automatic and independent verification of many critical parameters that were previously only possible to check manually. The Catalyst™ thus reinforces the treatment chain.

Requiring minimal user interaction, the Catalyst™ acts as an always present decision support system where the required information is projected directly on the couch or patient. The system’s high performance provides immediate and real-time feedback, which means that the therapist can keep focusing on ensuring the best possible patient comfort and treatment outcome.

The Catalyst™ software is built from the ground up for a networked environment. Tight integration with other systems in the clinic ensures a smooth work-flow where data is transferred automatically via industry standard or vendor specific interfaces. When the patient is selected in the R&V system, the same patient is automatically selected in the Catalyst™, and computed shifts can in most cases also be applied automatically. The central patient database ensures that the correct settings are always available even in cases where the patient needs to be treated in a different room.