Refurbished Varian SEM Ion Pump

Refurbishment service for existing Varian SEM Ion Pumps for use in Elekta linear accelerators.

AEP Part: # 5240.0004

Also AEP Linac offers the possiblity to have your old Varian SEM Ion Pumps refurbished. This is an even more cost effective solution. Not only will you have the same performance as before, it also does not require expensive modifications. All you need to do is to remove and replace the saturated ion pump. What is more, the warranty on rebuild Ion Getter Pumps is identical to a new pump.

Procedure rebuild Ion Getter Pump

When an Ion Getter Pump is rebuild the procedure described below is followed:

  • Open pump and disassemble the elements
  • Clean stainless steel components
  • Replace titanium parts
  • Clean and/or replace ceramic parts
  • Vacuum degas all metal parts
  • Install the elements in the clean body
  • Leak check the pump
  • Bake out on vacuum manifold
  • Check leakage current and pinch off seal

Replacement service

In general AEP holds stock of already refurbished ion pumps. Therefore we are able to offer you a exchange programme in which you send back your saturated ion pumps to us and you will immediately receive a refurbished pump from our stock.