Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging - 25 Jul

AEP signed contract with IFV

We booked our first success with the new Argus Mi-TIC-S thermal imaging camera!

On Wednesday the 6th of July AEP International B.V. signed a framework agreement with the IFV (Dutch Institute for Physical Safety), after winning the national tender for the supply of Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC).

With this national tender, seven Dutch Safety Regions combined their forces and collectively conducted a tender. A total of three winners have been awarded with the contract.

In the upcoming years these three winners will participate in several mini-competitions to determine the most suitable camera for the specific requirements of each Safety Region.

Needless to say, we are both proud and happy to see that our new TIC has been assessed this positively by the Dutch Firefighters!

Are you also interested in testing the new Mi-TIC-S? Please let us know!


Thermal Imaging - 15 Jun

50% discount TT-Type Thermal Imaging Camera

Starting today, we are launching a promotion for the Law Enforcement TT-Type Thermal Imaging Camera.
We will therefore be offering the TT-Type Thermal Imaging Camera for half of the price.

50% discount on the Law Enforcement TT-Type Thermal Imaging Camera*

* Subject to Availability

Application of the TT-Type Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Vehicle investigation
  • Perimeter security
  • Detecting evidence
  • Personal protection
  • Counter narcotics
  • Occupancy Evaluation

If you are interested, please contact us now at:

With kind regards,

The AEP Thermal Imaging Team


Thermal Imaging - 15 Jan

New argus® Mi-TIC S thermal imaging camera goes live

The first argus® Mi-TIC S thermal imaging cameras are now being shipped to customers.

Avon Protection acquired argus and their world leading thermal imaging products in October this year and are now shipping products to first responder and fire customers worldwide.

The Mi-TIC S the safest, lightest and easiest-to-use thermal imaging camera on the market. As the world’s smallest thermal imager to feature a large format, high resolution display it is also the most advanced thermal imager for firefighters ever developed.

The camera provides a crystal clear image with a superb dynamic range: you can clearly view extremely high temperatures up to 1100ºC (2000ºF) and at the same time see very low temperature objects, which is ideal for casualty searches.

With a thumb operated green on/off button and superb start up time of 5 seconds, the Mi-TIC S is simple to use.

Every Mi-TIC S is supplied with a unique dual use desktop/in-truck charger station which securely retains and charges both the thermal imager and a spare battery. The charger stations can be daisy-chained together, up to a maximum of 6 units.

Designed for everyday use, the Mi-TIC S is lightweight, simple to use, very robust and with the new additional features as standard offers exceptional value for money.