Veilig Werkt Beter16 Dec 2014

Veilig Werkt Beter 2014

From Tuesday the 4th until Thursday, the 6th of November, AEP International exposed at the trade event Veilig Werkt Beter 2014. The brand essence of our thermal imaging product line is ‘Safety’, this corresponded perfectly with the essence of the exhibition. We are very satisfied with the new contacts we’ve met during these three days.
Besides visiting our booth, it was also possible for visitors to experience our products in a realistic training enviroment. In the outdoor area was a demo-site, offering our latest thermal imaging camera; Argus Mi-TIC. Visitor had the opportunity to use the Mi-TIC and search in a smoke-filled room for HAAGEN’s latest product; the “Thermal Manikin”. The “Thermal Manikin” is a training manikin developed for thermal imaging training. It gives of heat similar to body temperature and is therefore very comparable to a real victim. We want HAAGEN and VeTraNed to thank for this successful cooperation!