TT Type 160 - 50 deg

– Combines great thermal imaging quality and ultimate functionality
– The 50 deg FoV offers a wider thermal imaging perspective
– The design combines the classic torchlight with the latest in infrared technology
– Incoporates 160 x 120 uncooled sensor for a superb image quality
– Super-fast power up time
– Long 5 hour battery life
– Button functionality designed for ease of use
– Extremely rugged and versatile whilst remaining incredibly lightweight
– Incorporated digital zoom



Unparalleled Image Quality

The 160×120 sensor option, enhanced with Argus proprietary signal processing algorithms, provides an excellent image for general operation.

Rapid Power-Up

Turns on within 5 seconds from fully off. No need for wasteful standby modes.

Long Battery Life

The Argus TT Type uses a modern commercial Lithium Ion battery pack for up to 5 hours runtime. A primary cell adapter is also available for use with standard Lithium AA camera cells.

Rugged and Easy to Use

Tough, waterproof and easy to operate, the TT Type can be relied upon in the most difficult environments.

Integrated Torchlight

The camera has an integrated torchlight to assist night time search operations. The torch can be turned on/off independently of the thermal image.


Digital image capture of more than 500 images on the removable memory card.


Video capture; record over 2.5 hours of video on the removable memory card.

On Screen Set-Up Menu

The Argus TT Type on-screen menu allows the user or organisation to adjust various camera settings using the menu buttons.

Customisable Start-up Screen

Organisation names and logos can be displayed at power-up for asset tracking and/or personalisation.

Direct Temperature Measurement (DTM) ™

Displays the temperature of objects within a defined area at the centre of the thermal scene.

Time and Date

The current time and date is displayed at the top of the viewing screen and on all recorded images and videos.

Selective Colour Modes (Optional Extra)

Users can choose from several colour settings including simple greyscales (white or black hot, night vision optimised scales and Enhanced Dynamic Scene Colourisation (EDSC) which colourises the thermal image to allow the user to pinpoint the suspects within the surveillance scene.