Image and Video Capture Upgrade

Argus TT/P Image and Video Capture Upgrade enables your Argus TT or P Type camera with the functionality to capture images and video as well as play them back on the camera itself. This can be used to collate evidence, review tactical operations, review training procedures and record standard patrols as a blackbox. The features are enabled via a token, simply scratch off the security panel to reveal a code that can be entered into the Argus website to redeem the camera upgrade.


The Argus TT/P Image and Video Capture Upgrade (ARG_TTP_IV ) is a token that has a unique code that is redeemable via the Argus site to enable the user’s Argus TT or P Type to record video and capture images.

The camera needs to be connected to a PC with internet access to enable the process of upgrading to be complete. The code on the token is underneath a security panel that is scratched off by the consumer and entered online to redeem the upgrade.

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