P Type 160

  • Designed for departments with a tighter budget that still require incredible image quality and versatility in covert situations
  • Incoporates 160 x 120 uncooled sensor for a superb image quality
  • Extremely rugged, waterproof and easy to use
  • Choice of lenses to view different ranges (Can detect human heat signatures from 1,750m away)
  • Extremely lightweight at 0.95kg (2.1lb) with the battery attached
  • Incorporates the latest thermal imaging technology and can be used in conditions of zero visibility
  • Super-fast power up time
  • Latest battery technology enables 5 hour battery life as standard
  • Designed specifically to aid police, security and law enforcement officers



Unparalleled image quality

The 320×240 sensor option provides the highest detail for demanding requirements. The 160×120 sensor option, enhanced with Argus proprietary signal processing algorithms, provides an excellent image for general operation.

Long Battery Life

The P Type uses a modern commercial Lithium Ion battery pack for up to 5 hours runtime. A primary cell adapter is also available for use with standard Lithium AA camera cells.

Rugged and Easy to Use

Tough, waterproof and easy to operate, the P Type can be relied upon in the most difficult environments.

Lens Option

A choice of lens options which allows the camera to be used in surveillance operations, images captured within 100 meters up to a distance of 1000 meters.

Lens operations allow for use in multiple scenarios:

– Covert surveillance
– Search and rescue
– Routine patrols
– Collision response
– Forensic evidence gathering
– Occupancy evaluation

x2 Digital Zoom

x2 digital zoom allows the user to get closer to the scene for improved investigation, identification and surveillance.