F Type 320 - 24 deg

  • 24 deg FoV offers a wider thermal perspective
  • The highest image quality of any thermal specialist search camera
  • Incorporates high resolution 320 x 240 sensor
  • Image Compare Technology for real time scene analysis
  • Direct Temperature Measurement
  • Dimmable LCD display for covert use
  • Built in x2 and x4 digital zoom
  • Contains more functions than any other thermal imaging camera
  • Customisable in the field and at the station



Void Finder Technology™

When selected, this clever automatic function helps the user to scan an area (e.g. walls or equipment inside of a room) looking for anything unusual (e.g. electronic equipment that may have been embedded, any voids within a wall or any area of a wall that may have been tampered with).

Enhanced Dynamic Scene Colourisation (EDSC)


 Image Compare Technology

This mode allows the user to fix the camera’s dynamic range to image and compare scenes in real time. A house being investigated as a suspected drug factory can be viewed with the camera and then, using the image compare mode, view a neighbouring house using the same dynamic range setting. If the image gets darker, it implies that the first (suspected) house is much hotter, contributing to evidence that the house could be a residential drug factory.


Digital image capture and storage of a 100 images with optional video capture is available.

Dimmable LCD Display


X2 and X4 Zoom

x2 digital zoom allows the user to get closer to the scene for improved investigation, identification and surveillance. 320×240 sensor models also have x4 digital zoom for even better magnification.

On Screen Set-up Menu

The Argus F Type on-screen menu allows the user or organisation to adjust various camera settings using the menu buttons.

Customisable Start-up Screen

Organisation names and logos can be displayed at power-up for asset tracking and/or personalisation.

Direct Temperature Measurement (DTM)™

DTM displays the temperature of objects within a defined area at the centre of the thermal scene.

Time and Date

The current time and date is displayed at the top of the viewing screen and on all recorded images and videos.