Ext Power & Video Adapter

The Argus F Type External Power and Video Adaptor (EPVA) allows an F Type camera to be powered from an outside source and for the video to be viewed over a wired network connection. It can be powered from a wide DC input source and is supplied with a vehicle accessory plug. The EPVA replaces the F Type integral battery pack on the top of the camera.


The camera on/off button is no longer required as the camera will turn on automatically as power is supplied through the F Type Ext Power & Video Adapter (P7030EPVA). The camera will display a start-up screen until a usable thermal image is produced. The video output is enabled either by using the transmit button function on the camera or by using the customer software.

  • 10V-32V input coltage. Automatic camera switch-on.
  • Standard or industrial Ethernet connectivity.
  • Crossover wired for simple direct connection to computer.
  • Remote viewing potential over network. Vehicle accessory plug power input.
  • Compatible with both router and direct connection.