Argus LRT

The Argus LRT (Long Range Telemetry) system, is a long range video transmitter system like no other. The LRT transmitter simply replaces the Argus4 or F Type camera battery and wirelessly transmits to the LRT Remote Receiver station. This allows commanders to view live images from inside the fire scene remotely.

  • Designed using COFDM technology for a secure transmission
  • Noise-free quality picture
  • Up to 1km range
  • Integrated into camera battery



DTX1400 Argus LRT Transmitter

  • Conveniently and easily fitted to the Argus4 camera in place of the normal battery pack
  • Easy to operate, the transmitter is powered on or off by holdimng down the zoom button on the camera.
  • Digital modulation and compression techniques
  • Superior performance in non-line of sight and high multi-path applications
  • Digital video picture quality; noise free regardless of distance
  • Non-line of sight up to 1km range, depending on radio environment
  • Frequency band: S Band
  • Output Power 200mW e.i.r.p max
  • Narrow bandwidth 2.5MHz (1.25 MHz option available)
  • MPEG2 compression for high image quality
  • 32 bit ABS encryption
  • Optional AES128/256 bit encryption for secure applications
  • NiMH battery technology gives approx. 2 hours operation

DRRS1400 Argus LRT Remote Receiver Station

  • Self contained in a rugged, waterproof, hard carry case
  • Integrated dual antennae and tuners providing two way diversity MRC which eliminate fade and multi-path
  • High brightness 8.4” Colour TFT display
  • High capacity internal Lithium Ion Battery
  • Battery status indicator
  • Analogue video out for recording and external displays
  • Comprehensive On Screen Display (OSD) diagnostics for link analysis, including spectrum analyzer
  • Internal AES128 or 256 decryption