USB Lead

The Argus Mi-TIC USB Lead allows the user to configure their Argus Mi-TIC from a PC or laptop that has the correct software, if the Argus Mi-TIC has been upgraded with the Argus MI Image and Video Pack then images and videos can be transferred from the Argus Mi-TIC to the PC or laptop.


Simply plug in the Argus Mi-TIC USB Lead (ARG_MI_USB)  into your Argus Mi-TIC and any computer that has the correct software to changes the basic functions and customise the set up of your Argus Mi-TIC and transfer images and videos recorded once the Argus MI Imaging and Video Pack has been installed.

The cable has a specially designed four pin connector to attach to the camera and at the other end of the cable is a standard USB connector that can fit into and PC or Laptop.

The length of the cable is just over 2 metres, specifically for ease of use in the station or on the go.