Retractable Lanyard

The Mi-TIC Retractable Lanyard has been designed to give you peace of mind when using your Argus Mi-TIC in the field. If your Argus Mi-TIC ever falls from your grasp or you need to let go of it for any reason, the Mi-TIC Retractable Lanyard will make sure your thermal camera is always safe and in a place ready for you to pick it straight back up and continue onward.


The Argus Mi-TIC Retractable Lanyard (ARG_MI_RL) has a high temperature resistant case and can simply be attached to the top of the camera to provide a point of storage. The unit is adjustable, shock absorbing and has an auto-rewind mechanism. The length of this is 235mm, the wire extension is 470mm and with the ability to catch your Argus Mi-TIC, it weighs just 125 grams.

The thermal conditions in which the Mi-TIC Retractable Lanyard can operate within are -10ºC (14ºF) and +80ºC (176ºF). It can also withstand +150ºC (+300ºF) for 15 minutes and +260ºC (+500ºF) for 5 minutes