Argus4 - 160 x 120

  • Designed for budget sensitive departments
  • Contains full functions of the Argus4 range
  • Uncooled high-resolution 160 x 120 pixel sensor
  • Large LCD screen
  • Direct Temperature Measurement (DTM)
  • Tri-Mode Sensitivity (huge dynamic range)
  • Digital x2 and x4 zoom
  • Robust and lightweight (withstands a drop from a height of 2 metres onto concrete)
  • Super-fast start up time
  • Simple to use 3 button system for ultimate functionality



 Dynamic Screen Colourisation (EDSC)

Colourises the thermal image to allow the fire-fighter to pin-point the hottest areas within the fire scene.

Colour 5 Colour 4 Colour 3 Colour 2 Colour 1 Colour 6

Direct Temperature Measurement (DTM)

Displays the temperature of objects within a defined area of the thermal scene.

SceneSave Digital Image Capture

The Argus4 160 can capture and store up to 100 images. These can be viewed or deleted using the remote control supplied. Using the software provided, the captured images can be downloaded to a suitable laptop/PC and exported in various formats.

Tri-Mode Sensitivity

The Argus4 has an expanded third level of sensitivity for very high level temperatures to enable clear imagery at all temperatures. This expanded temperature range means that temperatures up to 800°C can be viewed.

Customisable Start-up Screen

Brigade logos or station names can be added to the start-up screen for asset tracking and/or personalisation of the camera.

Ambient Temperature Measurement

A senor fitted to the front of the camera which measures the ambient temperature of the local environment. The temperature is displayed on the viewing screen.

X2 Zoom

Allows the user to zoom in on the scene from a distance for improved investigation and identification of hot spots and dangers.

Time and Date

The time and date is displayed at the top of the viewing screen.

Unparalleled image quality

  • High resolution detectors and high definition LCD screen, plus a great deal of engineering know-how provides you with very sharp, very clear images.
  • The cameras Tri-Mode Sensitivity allows temperature variation to be detected in fire scenes as high as 800°C/1472°F. This means that a body located in very high temperatures can still be seen by the camera handler.

Simple to operate with easy to understand on-screen data

  • Spot and ambient temperature measurements
  • Customisable start-up screen
  • Battery level indicator

Reasoned ergonomics

Extremely light – less that 3lbs

  • Rugged and durable casing
  • Ergonomics designed to aid fire fighter handling, not internal components
  • Camera design allows multiple ways to hold the camera while wearing gloves

Effortless image and video capture capabilities

  • SceneSave