Truck Storage Mount and Charger

The Argus4 Truck Storage Mount & Charger is designed to provide secure storage of the F Type whilst in transport but does have the ability to secure itself to any flat surface which provides instant access for the Argus4 Thermal Imaging Camera.

The charger that accompanies this Truck Storage Mount is attachable to the top of the mount which means you can separate these two if needed and comes with a quick release strap for instant access to your Argus4 in an emergency or rush.


The Argus4 Truck Storage Mount & Charger (P7030TSMBC) provides the capability to charge both the camera battery as well as a spare battery at the same time.

The Battery Charger has a LED to indicate that the battery is being charged similar to the battery charger supplied with the camera. The circuitry inside the unit will not overcharge the battery and will maintain the battery at full charge at all times. Charging can continue whether the vehicle is parked, running or in normal operation.

The storage mount also provides a flat surface for the fitting of the Battery Charger, or the Battery Charger can be fitted or stored in any area of the fire truck or police van.