Anti Glare Shroud

Anti Glare Shroud simply attaches to the screen of any Argus4 thermal imager to provide a glare free image, allowing for a much clearer image in bright conditions whilst also allowing the user to interface fully with the camera’s functionality.


Simply attach the Anti-Glare Shroud P7030AGS to provide a glare free image of the screen of any Argus® 4 thermal imager.

The Anti-Glare Shroud is designed to fit easily onto any Argus®4 and allows the screen to viewed in bright daylight conditions.

The shroud is easy to fit and still allow the user to interface fully with all the camera functionality.

The accessory is made of Multiflex and has operating temperatures of -25ºC t0 +85ºC (-13ºF to 185ºF).

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