Power Electronics Event 201929 May 2019

AEP International is pleased to exhibit at the Power Electronics Event 2019, on the 19th of June 2019 at the 1931 Congress Center, in Den Bosch.

The goal of this event is to show the diversity of applications, latest innovations and to share knowledge in the field of Power Electronics. During the seminar you will be able to exchange knowledge, opinions and experiences with developers and suppliers of Power Electronics.

AEP International participates with 2 product lines in the Power Electronics market; AEP Hybrid Power and AEP Components.

AEP Components is focusing on high quality single components to guarantee the highest reliability.

AEP Hybrid Power is focusing on the Energy Storage Systems and the sales and implementation of very sophisticated Ultracapacitor Modules and Converter Systems. The Energy Storage Systems are maintenance free, reliable, able to supply large amounts of energy in a very short time and are environmental friendly.

During the Power Electronics Event we will be showing you our portfolio of high quality products and representing some of our leading partners such as:

  • Power Resistors from the KRAH Group
    With their wide variety of resistor technologies we will find a suitable resistor for your application. For a performance increase, air- cooling, forced air-cooling as well as liquid-cooling versions are available for maximum power requirements.
  • Capacitors from Leclanché
    Manufacturer of top quality capacitors since 1919 and have forged a solid reputation as a quality capacitor manufacturer, delivering all over the world. Specializing in high-voltage and power capacitors, Leclanché can manufacture specific capacitors to fit specific needs and budgets.
  • Ultracapacitors from Maxwell Technologies
    Maxwell their primary focus is on Ultracapacitors and energy storage devices that are characterized by high power density, long operational life, the ability to rapidly charge and discharge and reliable performance at a wide range of temperatures.

Please come and visit us to share you (technical) problem, we will provide the solution. Whether it is about single components, Ultracapacitors, Power Electronics or a combination of all.

We are looking forward to meet all of you in Den Bosch.