Palm scanners

Xecan integrates the cutting edge palm vein pattern of the patient into its Smart Oncology Solution.

Patient queuing and treatment chart opening can be driven by both RFID and biometric patient identification. During the patient sign-up session, a patient’s unique palm vein pattern is recorded. The process takes less than one minute.

The vein pattern beneath the skin in the palm is unique to each person, and does not change over the course of one’s lifetime, which makes it ideal for identifying a person. The requirement for fingers or the palm being in direct contact with the sensors of the palm vein reader is completely eliminated.

The advanced software algorithm processes the patient’s vein pattern to create an encrypted and protected digital file which is linked to the EMR System (either ARIA or MOSAIQ). Unlike other forms of biometric technology, the palm vein reader is a robust system that scans beneath the surface of the skin, demonstrating a high tolerance with respect to skin surface problems such as dryness, roughness, moisture, or scarring.

With the Xecan PalmScan solution, the patient’s identity is verified in a couple of seconds at the reception desk by simply scanning his or her palm. A welcoming message is displayed on the reception screen and the patient is automatically queued on the MOSAIQ or ARIA system.

In the radiation treatment room, a patient’s chart is automatically opened once the patient scans his or her palm upon entering the treatment room. This ensures the right treatment is delivered to the right patient.

The Xecan PalmScan app can be deployed alone or in conjunction with the smart RFID technology. When deployed alone, it provides the benefit of lanyard/card free operation. On the other hand, the RFID system provides benefits of automation, patient tracking and accessory verification. The combined system delivers the maximum patient safety, efficiency, and clinical automation with full coverage of regular, irregular or follow-up patient visits.