Automated 3D Planning.

3D Planning, Automated

EZFluence is an FDA 510(k) cleared, automated 3D planning software. EZFluence generates optimal fluence files and field-in-field plans that import directly into Varian Eclipse TPS.

Any Site, Any Configuration

EZFluence works for any beam arrangement and any treatment site from head to toe. It standardizes field-in-field planning regardless of user while maintaining or improving plan quality compared to manual techniques.

IMRT/VMAT to 3D Plan Conversion

Billing justification plans are no longer a hassle or a stress to clinical resources; our automatic 3D converter tool takes the pain out of the justification process. Any IMRT or VMAT plan can be easily converted to a 3D plan in a matter of seconds.

IMRT-VMAT to 3D Plan Conversion

Breast Planning

EZFluence follows ASTRO’s guidelines for whole breast treatment. Automate field-in-field and e-comp planning. Optimize coverage while mini

  • Preserve MLC blockingmizing the maximum dose and V105%.
  •   Generate fluence for the flash region
  •   Use on single or mixed energy plans
  •   Auto-contour the PTV Eval

3 & 4 Field Breast Planning

EZFluence automatically sets the SCLAV and PAB field weighting. Control the match line in monoisocentric plans with EZFluence by increasing coverage and minimizing hot spots.

Simultaneous Integrated Boost

For clinics following RTOG 1005, EZFluence allows the user to boost coverage to lumpectomy volumes. Instantly plan integrated boost plans.

Breast Planning

Lung Planning

Generate homogenous dose distributions in seconds for 3D lung plans. EZFluence works for any beam arrangement including non-coplanar beams. Say goodbye to wedges and time-consuming field-in-field planning.

Lung Planning

Pelvis Planning

Still using wedges for 3-field rectum plans? EZFluence can automatically generate the fluence or field-in-field segments for the lateral beams. Compatible with single energy or mixed energies.

Pelvis Planning

Whole Brain Field-in-Field

EZFluence automatically generates custom segments for patient’s plans. The user sets how many segments desired for each field.

Whole Brain Field-in-Field

EZFluence Extremeties & More

EZFluence supports any 3D treatment site.

  •  Larynx
  •  Shoulder
  •  Hips
  •  Ribs
  •  APPA Spine
Extremeties and more

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