Automated Treatment Evaluation.

Proactive treatment evaluation in seconds

Despite advancements in other areas of radiation oncology, physicists still perform manual weekly chart review once a week. ChartCheck, a treatment evaluation software, actively monitors patient data in real-time to ensure safety for ongoing treatments. With automatic notifications for failing checks, plan errors can be investigated and resolved immediately, resulting in higher quality patient care and significant time savings.

Proactive treatment evaluation in seconds

Continuous 24/7 monitoring

ChartCheck verifies ongoing treatment data after each and every fraction.

Continuous 24-7 monitoring

Automated alerts

  • Real-time alerts to stay informed of failing checks
  • Daily summary to verify treatments are going according to plan

Automated Alerts-1      Automated Alerts-2

Integrated automation

ChartCheck collects and compares ongoing treatment data to provide validation for:

  • Prescription information and plan properties
  • Dose summation and treatment progression
  • Imaging shifts and approval status
  • Documentation—including timeouts, journal entries, RTT notes, and more

Integrated Automation

Automated Treatment Evaluation

Elevated confidence in patient treatment progression.

Automated Treatment Evaluation

How can ChartCheck help your department?

By consolidating all safety and on treatment quality checks to one platform, ChartCheck makes routine physics checks proactive and simple, saves time, and gives physicists confidence in their treatment evaluation.

See ChartCheck in action