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Intelligent automation in radiation oncology.
Tried, tested and proven.

Automation software that enables cancer clinics to do more in less time. Transform your department with increased plan quality, safety, and efficiency.

A clinic free of resource strains

Keeping up with challenging plans, documentation, and urgent demands can distract from treating patients. This is why our founders, a team of clinical physicists, came together—to develop a better way.

The Radformation mission

Streamline your clinical workflow

From planning and documentation to billing and beyond, Radformation eases resource strains and increases precision in all stages of the treatment planning workflow. Our auto-checking and auto-planning tools are user-friendly, clinically relevant, and seamlessly integrate with Eclipse™ TPS.

Ready to transform your clinic?

Experience increased quality, safety, and efficiency in treatment planning with Radformation.



ClearCheck Radformation


Plan evaluation in one click.

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ClearCalc Radformation


Independent Calculation Software.

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ChartCheck Radformation


Automated Treatment Evaluation.

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EZFluence Radformation


Automated 3D Planning.

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QuickCode Radformation


Automated Billing QA Software.

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RadComm Radformation


Real-Time Patient Tracking.

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