Simple Bolus

Designed in the treatment planning system for use with photon or electron radiotherapy. The custom-fit eliminates air gaps associated with traditional bolus, improving treatment accuracy.

Standard Bolus sheets are commonly used for simple applications of bolus. They do not conform well to irregular patient anatomy leading to air gaps which can reduce the dose to the skin in an unpredictable fashion.  Attempting to conform the sheets well to irregular anatomy takes time, often requiring therapists to roll sheets and affix large amounts of tape. This can be uncomfortable and stress inducing for the patient, and cause longer daily appointment times.

To overcome the issues of conventional bolus, the Simple Bolus module integrates full with the centre’s Treatment Planning System in order to produce a patient-specific bolus design based on CT scan data. Custom algorithms within the software automatically calculate a customized design that changes the surface shape of the bolus to allow for tailoring of dose distribution while providing a uniform fit. The structure is then exported as an STL file which can be accepted and printed in a matter of hours. By relying on 3D Printing innovation, neither the therapists nor the patient need to present during fabrication, saving time and costs throughout the process.

Key benefits of Adaptiiv (3D Bolus) Simple Bolus

  • Perfect fit eliminates air gaps and resultant surface dose uncertainty = More accurate treatment
  • Fits equally well to simple and highly complex surface geometries
  • Thickness can be set by the planner to control surface dose as required
  • Can shorten daily setup
    • decreased patient stress and improved patient experience
    • more patients treated per machine = more patient throughput and decreased wait times