Modulated Electron Bolus

A custom, optimized bolus design that provides modulation of the electron beam to conform the prescription isodose to the PTV, sparing the underlying normal tissues.

In recent years electron therapy has fallen out of favour due to the inability to conform the high dose to the tumour volume, often being replaced by more sophisticated and conformal photon treatments. However, the sharp dose fall-off of electrons remains highly desirable. To built on a strong foundation, the Modulated Electron Bolus Module enables therapists to tailor the prescription isodose to the tumor volume beneath the skin while still being able to achieve surface conformity. This allows therapists to conduct effective treatments while sparring healthy tissues in the process.

Key benefits of Adaptiiv (3D Bolus) Modulated Electron Bolus

  • Software algorithms automatically calculate a customized bolus design that changes the surface shape of the bolus to allow for tailoring of the dose distribution
  • Algorithm lower hot spots and provides a homogenous dose distribution even in the presence of tissue inhomogeneities
  • Conforms the high dose area to the tumour while sparing critical tissues below
  • Can minimize complications resulting from radiation therapy toxicity to normal underlying
  • Faster planning and daily treatment times when compared to conformal photon treatment