AEP Linac Products

Adaptiiv (3D Bolus) software allows clinicians to perform in-house design and 3D printing of Radiation Therapy Treatment Accessories directly from CT planning images.

Adaptiiv (3D Bolus) can:

  • Improve treatment accuracy
  • Improve clinic efficiency
  • Easily integrate with your existing treatment planning software
  • Enable the creation of simple bolus accessories
  • Enable Modulated Electron Radiation Therapy (MERT) which confirms the prescription isodose to the PTV with a single electron beam
  • Enable the creation of patient-specific HDR surface brachytherapy applicators with optimized catheter trajectories

Simple Bolus

Designed in the treatment planning system for use with photon or electron radiotherapy. The custom-fit eliminates air gaps associated with traditional bolus, improving treatment accuracy.

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Modulated Electron Bolus

A custom, optimized bolus design that provides modulation of the electron beam to conform the prescription isodose to the PTV, sparing the underlying normal tissues.

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Surface Brachytherapy applicator

Custom-fit and optimized catheter trajectories keep a consistent SSD even over the most complex anatomy.

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