Active Filters

Active harmonic filters eliminating harmonic oscillations.

One of the many products of AEP Hybrid Power is Active Filters. This filter compensates harmonic current up to the 50th, It’s used for reactive power compensation, for the load balancing and for flicker compensation.


  • Modular system 60A to 300A extendable
  • Harmonic compensation for 3-wire and 4-wire power networks
  • Up to 50th harmonic each individually selectable
  • Ultrafast reactive power compensation
  • Flicker compensation
  • Load balancing between phases and unload neutral wire
  • Grid resonance detection
  • Ethernet and Ethercat system for interconnection
  • Subsystems Display control unit, Active sensor unit, ModBus, PQ Analyzer….

It’s the most comprehensive active filter on the market today. It’s usable in 50/60 Hz grids from 200V up to 480V (690V coming soon). We use the latest 3-level-IGBT power section which means we have very low power losses.