Grid Cell Pack

Scalable building block energy storage module.

Scalable Building Block Energy Storage Module for Microgrids and Behind the Meter Demand and Power Quality Management

Project developers and systems integrators for microgrids, remotegrids, and commercial/industrial facilities require a high degree of flexibility in the design of their energy storage systems. Modern energy storage systems are called on to provide advanced technical functionality when islanded as well as being “right sized” to ensure financial justification. Critical loads today require power on demand, fast response times and high equivalent c-rates capable of mitigating voltage and frequency deviances common to microgrid deployments in island mode and C&I behind-the-meter power quality anomalies.

Maxwell’s Grid Cell Pack is a rackable, stackable module with advanced diagnostics and communications enabling reliable performance in high power, fast response applications scalable from KW’s to MW’s. An open architecture simplifies cooling to reduce system cost and complexity. The cell pack dispatches power in milliseconds and can be deployed to stabilize frequency, provide voltage support, smooth renewable power output, and provide bridging power as a stand-alone energy storage resource or when combined with batteries.

Advanced Diagnostics and Communication

The Grid Cell Pack features Maxwell’s new cell management system (CMS) enabling advanced system-level prognostic/diagnostic capabilities designed to ensure system reliability and long system-level life, with digital communication functionality for integration with system controller.

In addition to near real time cell balancing, the on-board feature to read and store cell voltage and temperature ensure long life and system uptime with advanced monitoring. The module also features Maxwell Technologies’ High Voltage Interlock Loop (M-HVIL™) to enable the advanced functionality of internal system fail-over, providing an additional level of safety to your field assets. The cell packs can communicate directly via the internal CAN bus, or integrated with Maxwell’s communications gateway to communicate via Modbus or Profinet to your higher-level controller.