Pseudocapacitors 50F - 300F

Maxwell’s proprietary pseudocapacitor technology is one of the first commercially available hybrid capacitor products on the market. Our pseudocapacitors serve those customers in need of an energy storage solution that provides a combination of higher energy reserve with fast power delivery and fast charging, a long operating lifetime that reduces maintenance efforts, and a compact, lightweight and cylindrical form factor that provides flexibility for a variety of system designs.

How is a Pseudocapacitor Different from an Ultracapacitor?

The pseudocapacitor’s capabilities reside in between the Ultracapacitor and the battery. Using the best of both worlds, the pseudocapacitor is able to provide a quick release of energy via an electrostatic mechanism (like an Ultracapacitor) and higher storage capacity via an electrochemical mechanism (like a battery). Maxwell’s pseudocapacitors have approximately 50 to 100% more energy than Ultracapacitors of similar physical dimensions. Our pseudocapacitor technology is engineered to serve the needs of low-duty cycle applications that require more energy and a fast state of charge.


  • Stores approximately 50 to 100% more energy content than the typical Ultracapacitor cell of the same size
  • Operating voltage of 2.3 volts with 50 F, 120 F and 300 F versions available
  • Lower cost per unit of energy
  • Up to 100,000 duty cycles or 10-year life*
  • Low internal resistance
  • High power density
  • –25°C to 60°C operating temperature range*
  • Terminal type: radial lead and snap-in
  • Compliant with RoHS and REACH

Costumer Benefits

  • More energy in a smaller package
  • Standard voltage for easy circuit implementation
  • Cost-effective design
  • Proven reliability in the field
  • Fast charge/discharge characteristics
  • Increased power availability with a smaller design
  • High reliability in diverse ambient environments for mobile and static applications
  • Designed for PCB layout flexibility
  • Product meets international requirements for hazardous materials and chemical substances

*Results may vary. Additional terms and conditions, including the limited warranty, apply at the time of purchase. See the warranty details and datasheet for applicable operating and use requirements.


  • Automotive subsystems, including power windows, door locks, emergency call
  • Portable, handheld devices, including flashlights, LEDs, solar chargers and hand tools
  • Memory backup
  • Small uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Off-grid lighting
  • Dispensing equipment
  • Solar floor tiles
  • Other applications with low duty cycle and higher energy requirement
Rated Voltage Rated Capacitance Typical DC ESR TerminalModel NumberDatasheet
2.3 VDC50 F27 mΩWire LeadBCAP0050 P230 S01Download
2.3 VDC120 F16 mΩWire LeadBCAP0120 P230 S01Download
2.3 VDC300 F13 mΩSnap InBCAP0300 P230 S07Download