RF41 and RF42 Series

Cat No.Test voltage (kV peak) 60 HzRated operating voltages (kV)Continuous Current carry (A, RMS)Operate time msecRelease time msecContact capacity - open to ground (pF)Max. contact resistance M ΩPull-in voltage at 25 ° C VDCDrop-out voltage at 25 ° C VDCCoil resistance ΩShock at 11 ms - 1/2 sine G'sVibration peak G'sMechanical life (Million)Weight oz. (g)
DC or 60 Hz2,5 MHz16 MHz32 MHzDC or 60 Hz2,5 MHz16 MHz32 MHz
RF41-26SA43. at 55-2000 Hz11 (28)
RF42-26SA43,63,63,22,512107,5510101,60,0281-5485010 at 55-2000 Hz11 (28)