Electrochemical sensors work on a different principle from the pellistor and IR devices. With electrochemical sensors the target gas undergoes a chemical reaction, producing a current that is directly proportional to the concentration of gas present. The sensors use very little power and show good responses to various gas concentrations over a wide range of ambient conditions.

A range of 20 mm electrochemical sensors is available for several toxic gases including Carbon Monoxide ,Hydrogen Sulfide and Oxides of Nitrogen and Sulfur. These sensors are ‘drop-in’ replacements for existing sensor types in this size.

The range of toxic sensors is complemented by the EC410 , RoHS compliant, Oxygen sensor. This unique sensor contains no lead, has a greatly increased life span and is of significantly lower mass compared to other Oxygen sensors of this size. The sensor contains no consumable components.

Part Number DescriptionDatasheet
Electrochemical Cells
EC410Oxygen SensorDownload
EC4-100-H2S4 series H2S gas sensor 100ppmDownload
EC4-1000-H24 series H2 gas sensor 1000ppmDownload
EC4-1000-H2S4 series H2S gas sensor 1000ppmDownload
EC4-20-NO24 series NO2 gas sensor 20ppmDownload
EC4-20-SO24 series SO2 gas sensor 20ppmDownload
EC4-200-CL24 Series Chlorine Sensor 200 ppm RangeDownload
EC4-2000-CO4 series CO gas sensor 2000ppmDownload
EC4-2000-NO4 series NO gas sensor 2000ppmDownload
EC4-2000-SO24 series SO2 gas sensor 2000ppmDownload
EC4-250-NO4 series NO gas sensor 250ppmDownload
EC4-500-CO4 series CO gas sensor 500ppmDownload
EC4-1-CLO24 series Cholrine dioxide gas sensor 1ppmDownload
EC4-50-CLO25 series Cholrine dioxide gas sensor 50ppmDownload
Electrochemical Sensors
SGX-4OX4 series Oxygen sensor 0-25% 2 year lifeDownload
SGX-4CO4 series CO sensor - commercial gradeDownload
SGX-4H2S4 series H2S sensor - commercial gradeDownload
SGX-7NH37 series Ammonia sensorDownload
SGX-7OX7 series O2 sensor for fixed applicationsDownload
SGX-7CO7 series CO sensor for fixed applicationsDownload
SGX-7H2S7 series H2S sensor for fixed applicationsDownload
SGX-4DT4 Series Dual-Tox CO/H2S sensor - commerical applicationsDownload
SGX-4NH34 Series Ammonia sensorDownload
SGX-4NO24 Series Nitrogen Dioxide sensor