Aluminium electrolytic capacitors

SeriesCap. Range 
Voltage Range
Temp. Range
Description Datasheet
Surface Mount
MXEL10 to 1000µF6.3 to 50-25 to +105Low Esr Very Long LifeDownload
MXLP0.47 to 220µF4 to 50-40 to +854.5mm L Low ProfileDownload
MXLX1.0 to 4700µF6.3 to 100-40 to +125Long Life, High Temperature 125CDownload
MXM0.1 to 6800µF4 to 100-40 to +85General PurposeDownload
MXML0.1 to 100µF6.3 to 50-40 to +85Low LeakageDownload
MXMS4.7 to 150µF6.3 to 50-40 to +855.5mm L, Long LifeDownload
MXNW0.1 to 47µF6.3 to 63-55 to +105Non-Polar, 105C 5.4mm HeightDownload
MXW0.1 to 6800 µF6.3 to 100-55 to +105Wide TemperatureDownload
MXWH0.1 to 220µF6.3 to 400-40 to +105Extra Long Life 105CDownload
MXWRU4.7 to 6800µF6.3 to 50-55 to +105Long Life, Low ImpedanceDownload
MXWX0.47 to 330µF10 to 100-40 to +105Extra Long Life, Wide Temperature RangeDowload
MXZH10 to 330µF6.3 to 50-40 to +105Long Life, Low ImpedanceDownload
MXZM0.47 to 100µF6.3 to 63-55 to +105Low Impedance, High Frequency, 5.4mm HeightDownload
MXZX3.3 to 6800µF6.3 to 100-55 to +105Lowest EsrDownload
MXZZ4.7 to 6800µF6.3 to 50-55 to +105Very Low ImpedanceDownload
LC120 to 68000µF16 to 250-40 to +85Long LifeDownload
LCE68 to 68000µF10 to 250-40 to +105Long Life Extended TemperatureDownload
LG82 to 47000µF10 to 450-40 to +85General Purpose
LGE220 to 47000µF10 to 400-40 to +105Extended Temperature
Radial Sub-Miniature
712E0.1 to 220µF4 to 50-40 to +1055mm Height Wide TemperatureDownload
712L0.1 to 100µF4 to 50-40 to +855mm Height Low LeakageDownload
7240.1 to 100µF6.3 to 50-40 to +857mm H Low LeakageDownload
724L0.1 to 220µF6.3 to 63-40 to +1057mm Height Long Life 105CDownload
724S0.1 to 100µF6.3 to 63-40 to +857mm H General PurposeDownload
724SE0.1 to 100µF6.3 to 63-40 to +1057mm H Extended TemperatureDownload
724SL0.1 to 470µF4 to 63-40 to +857mm Height Long Life 85CDownload
724X1 to 330µF6.3 to 50-55 to +1057mm Height Low Impedance Long LifeDownload
724Z6.8 to 330µF6.3 to 35-55 to +1057mm Height Low Impedance 105CDownload
RN50.1 to 47µF6.3 to 50-40 to +855mm H Bi-PolarDownload
Radial Standard
7110.1 to 15000µF6.3 to 450-40 to +85General PurposeDownload
725H0.47 to 1000µF10 to 350-40 to +125High Temperature 125CDownload
725L6.8 to 3300µF10 to 450-40 to +105Very Long Life Wide TemperatureDownload
725W0.1 to 15000µF6.3 to 450-55 to +105Wide TemperatureDownload
725X10 to 4700µF10 to 50-40 to +130Very High Temperature 130CDownload
728B1.0 to 330µF160 to 450-25 to +105Long Life For Ballast Application 105CDownload
728L1.0 to 330µF160 to 450-25 to +105Very Long Life For Ballast Application 105CDownload
73022 to 10000µF6.3 to 50-40 to +85Low ProfileDownload
730W1.5 to 10000µF6.3 to 450-40 to +105Low Profile Wide TemperatureDownload
Radial High Reliability
725R10 to 220µF160 to 450-25 to +105High Reliability Long LifeDownload
TRC0.47 to 4700µF6.3 to 63-55 to +105Low Impedance, High FrequencyDownload
TRE0.47 to 15,000µF6.3 to 450-25 to +105Low impedance, wide temperature range.Download
TRS0.47 to 15000µF6.3 to 63-55 to +105For Switching Power SuppliesDownload
TRZ220 to 3300µF6.3 to 25-40 to +105Ultra Low ImpedanceDownload
RN1.0 to 300µF50 to 100-40 to +85Radial For Speaker Network (1Khz)Download
RN7E0.1 to 100µF6.3 to 50-40 to +1057mm Height Non Polar 105CDownload
RNBE0.1 to 1000µF6.3 to 100-40 to +105Industrial Type (Not Audio, 120Hz) Extended TemperatureDownload
RNH0.1 to 4700µF25 to 50-40 to +85For Horizontal Deflection Vnp Current CorrectionDownload